You may be wondering, by day three of Extinction Rebellion’s October Rebellion, how regenerative culture looks out there, in real time, as our communities rise from the streets. From our vantage point here in London, we’ve tried to capture the essence of rebel-community in action. Take a look:

A chained arrestee and her assigned action buddy, part of the buddy system in which activists support one another on the streets. Photo credit Rei Takver.
Children from XR Families, screaming “Extinction! Rebellion!” throughout the night on one of Trafalgar Square’s iconic lions. Photo credit Rei Takver.
An XR Steward directing bicycle traffic around the roundabout in Trafalgar Square. Photo credit Rei Takver.
“People care. Trafalgar Square.” Photo credit Rahim.


Handing out hot drinks at the kitchen in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday morning. Photo credit Rei Takver.
Meditating inside a police cordon, Lambeth Bridge, Monday morning. Photo credit Rei Takver.
R&R support resources posted on the Wellbeing tent, Trafalgar Square, Wednesday.
Nonviolent De-escalators assisting. “A small group of people can change the world.” Photo credit Jon Slack.
A volunteer collects trash from rebels on Westminster Bridge, Monday morning.
Yoga, Wednesday morning, Trafalgar Square.
Trafalgar Square, Wednesday.
Accommodations to entertain young children, Trafalgar Square, Wednesday.
A Wellbeing Sanctuary rises, home to rest space and regenerative workshops, Wednesday, Trafalgar Square. Photo credit Natalie Morrison.
A Free Hug Offered, Westminster Bridge. Photo credit Rahim.
A Free Hug Received, Westminster Bridge. Photo credit Rahim.
A Samba band, holding it down in Whitehall. Photo credit Rahim.
A member of the clergy, arrested.
Greg: “For all rebels! I’m offering some nourishing seated Shiatsu at the Westminster Well-being Hub.”
Photo credit Diana.
Photo credit Jade.
Nighttime Concert at Extinction Rebellion, Trafalgar Square. Photo credit Rei Takver.